Cedar Lake Ventures, Inc.

Vector Magic Bitmap to Vector Conversion

Fully automatic bitmap to vector conversion in one convenient website - just upload your bitmap logo and get it vectorized in a matter of seconds.

Great for all forms of printing, embroidery, signage and more.

Clipping Magic Remove Image Backgrounds

Instantly remove image backgrounds online: upload an image, mark some of the foreground green, some of the background red, and the website figures out the precise cutout.

Super convenient for e-commerce product shots, marketing materials, and more.

Weather Spark Beautiful Weather Graphs

In-depth weather reports give you the full scoop on what the weather is typically like in any location - a great resource for trip and event planning.

Ask Geo Location to Information API & Library

Ask Geo provides a simple, fast, and accurate Web API and Java & .NET Libraries for getting relevant information based on a location (latitude, longitude).

The flagship API provides an accurate time zone identifier for any latitude and longitude on earth.

Cedar Lake Ventures Billing And Account Management

CedarLakeVentures.com is a billing and account management service for web properties owned by Cedar Lake Ventures, Inc..

This provides a smooth and uniform login and billing experience across our sites.

Statistical Atlas Demographic Reports For The United States

Detailed demographic information presented in charts and maps across all geographical levels of the United States, ranging from the entire nation down to the individual block.

Topics include race, ethnicity, ancestry, income, employment, educational attainment, and more.

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