Cedar Lake Ventures Affiliate Program

Cedar Lake Ventures affiliates can earn money by referring users to our websites.

We see our affiliates as partners in generating interest and buzz around our websites and want to reward affiliates for finding people that become long-term users of the products and services offered.

When you refer a new user to us and they sign up within 30 days of being referred, you get 20% of the revenue generated from that user for 1 year from their signing up. There is no limit to how much money you can make from any one user during that 1 year and both subscription and license purchases count towards your affiliate earnings.

The 30 day period gives users ample time to sign up. Users typically need to sign up to make productive use of our websites (e.g. download results), so users typically sign up pretty much right away. This should give you peace of mind that if a user finds out about out websites through one of your referral links then you will be taking part in the revenue generated from that user.

You will be paid through PayPal on a monthly basis and there is no minimum payment.

With the Cedar Lake Ventures affiliate program there are no minimums, so you always get paid what you've earned, and you keep earning for a full year rather than seeing your referrals bypass you for subsequent purchases.

We think you'll find that these terms are much more generous than most affiliate programs, where your cut is usually limited to a single purchase and you have to reach a certain minimum before payments are made.

Serious inquiries only, please. To discourage frivolous signups, you will not start receiving affiliate earnings until 3 or more referred users have completed a transaction.

Websites Covered

Program Highlights

  • Referral cookie: 30 days

  • Referral cut: 20%

  • Referral lifetime: 1 year from user account creation

  • You earn the referral cut on revenue generated during the referral lifetime for new users referred by you.

Payout Rules

  • Monthly via PayPal

  • 25 days after end of month

  • No minimum payment

  • Payouts start after 3 of your referred users make a purchase


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